Within the Management Science Group, our research interests span a variety of applications of operational research and statistical methods.

Our researchers have regularly published their work in leading journals, includingManufacturing and Service Operations Management,Management Science, and the美国统计协会杂志》上.

Members of the group have strong connections with the academic community, serving as journal associate editors and reviewers. They routinely present their research at academic workshops and conferences.


  • Siddharth Arora,
  • Athanasios Tsanas
Management Science
  • Stephen Haben,
  • Siddharth Arora,
  • Georgios Giasemidis,
  • Marcus Voss,
  • Danica Vukadinović Greetham
Management Science
  • Fay Probert,
  • Tianrong Yeo,
  • Yifan Zhou,
  • Megan Sealey,
  • Siddharth Arora,
  • Jacqueline Palace,
  • Timothy DW Claridge,
  • Rainer Hillenbrand,
  • Johanna Oechtering,
  • David Leppert,
  • Jens Kuhle,
  • Daniel C Anthony
Management Science
  • S Arora,
  • A Brintrup
Management Science
  • Christine Lo,
  • Siddharth Arora,
  • Yoav Ben-Shlomo,
  • Thomas R Barber,
  • Michael Lawton,
  • Johannes C Klein,
  • Sofia Kanavou,
  • Annette Janzen,
  • Elisabeth Sittig,
  • Wolfgang H Oertel,
  • Donald G Grosset,
  • Michele T Hu
Management Science
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Members of the group teach Analytics core courses on the:

They also teach Statistical Research Methods courses for doctoral students.


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