Oxford Programme on Responsible Ownership

Influence, impact, and sustainability for leading business families


  • 4 days on campus

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Oxford
  • United Kingdom


  • £9,200

The next Oxford Programme on Responsible Ownership is planned to run in 2022. Dates to be confirmed.

    About the programme

    Building on research with the world’s leading business families, this programme is tailored for current and future owners of large family businesses.

    一个独特的计划,磨练的优势的家庭businesses as innovators and change agents in the global economy, and as forces for stability and responsibility during the Covid-19 era.

    To achieve and sustain long-term, meaningful tenure, families must be equipped to lead across five levels of influence. Via a powerful mix of research-based teaching and live case studies from leading business families, the programme takes current and future business owners on a journey towards impact that outlasts any one organisation.

    We leverage three unique perspectives:

    1. The historical view from some of England’s longest standing business families
    2. The intellectual and cultural tradition of Oxford
    3. The rapidly evolving dynamics of family offices in London

    Through a considered mix of experiential learning, one-on-one faculty engagement, and online teaching in both large and small groups, you'll be encouraged to understand the ‘why’ behind family ownership, and identify higher-impact means of ‘how’ to own, now and in future.

    Family business owners value the experiences of their peers. We pair world-class academic content with guest speakers from some of the world’s largest family businesses. Contributors to the programme may vary with each cohort as we tailor speakers to learning objectives. We lean into, rather than avoid, controversies in responsible ownership topics. Through this, we equip participants with the analytic abilities necessary for their futures as owners.

      Video introduction to the programme

      Oxford Said Business School building


      Programme locations across the UK; encompassing the Oxford experience, dynamism of London, and unparalleled historicity of heritage British businesses.

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      An interdisciplinary mix of research expertise drawn from the worlds of finance, economics, anthropology and social impact.

      Experts and contributors

      Our team is supported by professionals with relevant knowledge and expertise.

      The programme allows business families a rare opportunity to reflect on why they own their businesses, and map that to action.

      Colin Mayer CBE

      Principal Investigator, The Ownership Project at Oxford Saïd


      To you

      • Build a Personal Action Plan with achievable short, medium and long-term objectives
      • Become a better informed, higher impact business owner – present or future
      • Develop an influence map of your ownership objectives
      • Establish a powerful network of family business owner peers

      To your business

      • Equip the business to emerge stronger after crises
      • Engage senior executives for greater alignment
      • Build a business fit for future challenges
      • Develop long-term, purposeful ownership


      *Topics are subject to change

      Learning Methods

      The course comprises a mix of lectures, case studies, panel discussions, and small and large group discussions.

      Prior to the start of the course

      • 1-on-1s with course directors, pre-reads, Personal Action Plan
      • Preliminary discussions and meeting with other participants via videoconference

      Module 1: Ownership & Leadership in a Changing World

      What does it mean to ‘future proof’ your enterprise? We begin by focusing on the global trends that are shaping the 21st Century and the strategies for current and future family owners that are required for strong and enduring performance of the family enterprise in this changing world.

      Module 2: Family Dynamics and Implementing Purpose

      我们从交互式多媒体execises to map your family dynamics and understand your purpose at the individual and family level, and then discuss high-level and granular strategies to implement this purpose throughout the family enterprise. In this module, we do not shy away from differences in opinion or assume alignment, rather, we provide frameworks and strategies for navigating complexity.

      Module 3: Long-termism and Impact

      A classic explanation for why large family businesses benefit the economy is their long-term outlook, and their commitment to their communities. We put these to the test, covering in-depth strategies and tools to take family aspirations for long-term thinking and positive impact and make them a reality that can carry the business into the future.

      Module 4: Purpose in Action: Stakeholders Across Generations

      Module details to be confirmed.

      Our research

      Learn more
      Oxford colleges from the air

      The Ownership Project at Oxford Saïd

      Our teaching is based on research from The Ownership Project, led by Professor Peter Tufano and Professor Colin Mayer CBE FBA, both former Deans of Oxford Saïd Business School.

      Starting with family firms, we investigate how ownership influences the endurance, value, conduct and stakeholder relationships in corporations.

      Professor Mayer's book, 'Prosperity,' was voted one of the best business books of 2018 by the Financial Times. Our research builds on its central theme of 'profitable solutions to problems of people and planet,' equipping families to be effective and responsible business owners, now and in the future.

      Who can apply?

      Man making a speech

      The programme is open to current and future leaders of a family-owned business established over at least two generations.

      Joining the programme

      How to apply

      You can apply to join the programme by email:


      The next Oxford Programme on Responsible Ownership is planned to run in 2021/22. Dates to be confirmed.


      For two participants (owner and future owner, etc.) from the same family attending together, the price is £8,200 per person.

      Programme fee includes all tuition, education materials, activities and some meals (excludes accommodation fee).

      Registrations are confirmed on receipt of full payment of the programme fee, and places are allocated in order of receipt of payment.

      Visa requirements

      Once you have a confirmed place on a programme, we suggest you apply for a visa as soon as possible, as it can take up to 100 days to process.

      Saïd Business School can provide a letter to support your visa application if required.

      Terms & conditions

      FT rankings 2020

      Our Open Programmes have risen to number two in the world, and maintained their position as first in the UK for the sixth consecutive year in the 2020 FT Executive Education Rankings.