彼得·图法诺(Peter Tufano)就她的新书采访了吉莉安·特特(Gillian Tett):Anthro-Vision:人类学如何解释业务和生活

从当我们提供Google数据到如何浏览现代职业道路时,人类学可以帮助我们以与经济学和心理学不同的方式了解世界。作为吉莉安·特特博士,金融时报记者兼作者Anthro-Vision:人类学如何解释业务和生活, explained to Dean Peter Tufano, anthropology is based on observing people in societies and cultures in a bottom-up way, making connections, and focusing ‘not just on what people say, but [on] the gap between what they say and do and what they don't say: what we call “social silences”.’

在谈话中,作为一部分必威体育betway777series, Tett revealed how she adopted an anthropological approach and looked for the ‘social silences’ in media coverage of the City of London in 2004. This led her to recognise how little attention was being paid to the debt and derivatives markets, where the risks leading to the 2008 financial crisis were already building. More recently, anthropology has helped her shed new light on concerns about data collection and privacy, identifying it as a system of barter, in which consumers give up their data in exchange for services they want.


  • 思考自己似乎与您不同的人的思想,使您同情另一种观点:在全球世界中至关重要的事情。但这也可以帮助您从更远的角度看待自己。
  • 领导者通常可以发展“隧道视觉”,并想象每个人都以与他们相同的方式思考。局外人可以帮助确定阻碍变化的“社会沉默”。
  • 从历史上看,在商学院学习一直是企业界的“启动仪式”,这创建了与相同想法灌输的人们网络。但是,随着我们摆脱股东首要地位的概念,随着业务与社会其他地区的联系变得更加联系,商学院也会改变。