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Geico Roadside Assistance

Geico Roadside Assistance

roadside assistance
If you have a car then more likely you have car insurance, in saying that, most people don’t realize that obtaining automotive insurance isn’t the only feature that needs to be acquired for their vehicle. I’ve actually had over 100 motorist calling me over the phone in 2015 for roadside assistance help, and guest what, every last one of those auto insurance policy holders already have full coverage for their car, but no emergency roadside protection. That means whenever comes the time their car breakdown on the road, they’d be stranded.

I wanted to direct these people to Geico, but found a few flaws in their plan after doing extensive research on the famous company’s new roadside assistance feature.

  • I liked the fact that the cost was $14 a year, but that is per car. What if you are driving a car without coverage, but temporary. That bugged me a bit.
  • Sure, $14 dollars a year is really cheap, but, as they say, “You get what you pay for, and that is exactly what you get, nothing more”.

I suggest anybody whose seeking out this company to research them as much as possible before making a decision. You want to affiliate yourself with a company that has built a well-rounded reputation in helping motorist who are stranded on the road retrieve dependable service at an reasonable price. For years, I’ve grown a strong opposition towards these type of services that offer little service for big bucks in return. You’d still have to pay a high towing bill in which you’d expect the membership would cover throughout the year. In the end of the year, a person could spend hundreds of dollars in road service expenditures alone. I give Geico roadside assistance service a 4/10. As an country, we need to provide drivers better alternatives for coverage during travel. You can browse through the resources I have below, although Geico is in that list, there are other resources to check into for help.